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1911s and Jacketed Hollow Points (JHP)

One thing I’ve never done is attempt to carry a 1911. Carrying means I’ve to test JHP before committing to carrying. Everyone knows (or should know) that most 1911s don’t always readily shoot JHP. I currently have shot 429 rounds … Continue reading

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45ACP Self Defense Ammo On The Way!

I plan on carrying one of my 45ACP 1911s, although I haven’t decided which to carry yet. I bought another Alien Gear holster and it arrived last week. This holster fits the new 5″ 1911 that I bought, the SDS … Continue reading

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Wilson Combat Magazine Release for SDS Imports 1911D B45R

Regarding the SDS Imports 1911D B45R I recently purchased, I mentioned here that it had problems with some non-OEM mags. Specifically, Wilson Combat mags were hanging upon insertion attempts. The Metalform GI mags were exhibiting the same symptoms, too. I … Continue reading

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One 1911 to Rule Them All – 5″ 45ACP!

UPDATE: I posted to Reddit about the new gun here. I went to the range today to have my new 1911 transferred to me – the SDS Imports 1911 Duty B45R. I got there at 9 AM. I turned in … Continue reading

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The SDS Imports 1911B45R Has Shipped!

I thought that White Birch Armory was asleep. I’d been wondering why the order was sitting. My first thought was that they didn’t have the gun in stock. I’ve seen gun stores sit on orders, awaiting for a new shipment … Continue reading

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